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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Getting to a new place, seeing new scenery, and trying new foods are what making adventures in different cities and countries the best!  Since Summer is often a time for travel, we’ve decided to focus our blog on foods in different places.

Right after I got married, my husband and I went to London.  This wasn’t a week’s visit, we lived there for two years. As you can imagine, I had the opportunity to really immerse myself in British Cuisine. British food has gotten a bad rap for a long time but let me tell you there is a lot of great food in London if you look for it.  As with any metropolitan city there are chefs from around the world, cooking their native cuisines. At the same time, there are still plenty of local chefs cooking amazing British Food.  Here are some of my favorites.

Geales – This is a neighborhood restaurant that serves up the biggest portion of fish and chips you’ve ever seen.  It is also the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.  We went here whenever anyone came to visit so they could cross fish and chips off their list.  Let me tell you, it never got old.  This is still a stop on any trip I take to London.

The Ledbury – Now Number 27 of the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants,  The Ledbury is fine dining at it’s best.  I had the pleasure of dining here many times as it was just down the street from where I lived.  The food and ambiance complemented each other perfectly providing an intimate dining experience on some of the best local foods.

St. John – This is one of the original nose to tail restaurants where they literally serve you everything from the snout to the hoof.  While that might not sound appealing to all, it was wonderful to see how they used traditional methods on non-traditional cuts of meat.  The flavors were traditionally British but the food was anything but traditional.

Rococo Chocolates – I couldn’t right a post about London without mentioning our amazing Rococo Chocolates.  We have a large selection in our marketplace, here.  There are four retail locations in London and if you are strolling around Belgravia, don’t miss the chance to have a coffee and a chocolate in their wonderful MaRococo Garden.  All of their chocolates are made in London and the fresh ganache isn’t available outside of England, so be sure to select a few of those to taste as well. My personal favorite is the Anglesey Sea Salt Ganache.

If you need any other eating tips in London just let me know.  I could write pages of recommendations.

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