Spain Two Ways

When I was a junior in college I had the incredible opportunity to spend a semester abroad studying in Madrid, Spain.  While I was there I embraced the Spanish culture from what they ate and drank to the afternoon siestas.  In college, I was  on a budget so had to pick and choose what to spend my hard earned money on. I often ate at Pans & Company which had really good bocadillos(sandwiches). And when my family came to visit I made sure we always went out for paella.  My favorite place to drink in Madrid was Patato. It had single-serving jugs of Sangria and really good French fries.

Fast forward to ten years later, when I found myself back in Spain. This time visiting the northern region, spending time in Bilbao and San Sebastian.   I was travelling with my husband, needless to say we had a bigger budget for food and drinks.  The most memorable meal while we were there was at Mugaritz. This restaurant, often found near the top of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World, exceeded my expectations.  The food was delicious and the ambiance was perfect for a very relaxed three hours meal on a Sunday afternoon.  At one point, we played a game to see who got an extra scoop of caviar on their dish.  I won, but graciously gave my husband the caviar since it isn’t my favorite anyway.  We ended our meal with multiple courses of petit-fours in their garden and went back to our hotel for a lengthy siesta after the visit was complete.

I imagine the next time I return to Spain I will probably be with my children. I am sure that trip will bring new adventures looking for food that makes everyone happy.  I know we’ll be able to find something delicious from a quick sandwich to a multi-course menu depending on how old the children are at the time!

Where do you like to eat in Spain?

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