Women supporting Women

As a woman, I enjoy supporting other women owned businesses. While I do seek out products made by small businesses, I think it is more organic that I happen to find so many amazing products made by women.  There are plenty of stereotypes on which foods men prefer and which foods women prefer; but I just think women understand women better than men understand women.  Whether it is the packaging, the flavor profile or  the name of a product, more often than not, I am drawn to a product created by a woman.  With International Women’s Day coming up on Sunday, I started thinking about the many amazing women artisans we support in our marketplace.  Here are a few reasons why each of these women are amazing. 

Stefanie Bhalla, found of Due Cellucci Tomato Sauces:  Stefanie created her line of tomato sauces to honor her brother who wasn’t able to fulfill his dream.  A portion of the proceeds from every jar sold goes to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  You can enjoy some amazing sauce and feel good about eating it too.

Tara Grey, Owner Gus & Grey: Tara started making jam in her New York City apartment to honor her grandmother’s recipe.  But it wasn’t until Tara moved back home to Detroit, Michigan that jam making became her full time gig.  Tara has witty names for all of her flavors and one of my personal favorites is Spellbound(blueberry lavender jam).

Leah Ferrazzani, Semolina Artisanal : Leah was devoted to making sure her children ate the best possible meals.  When she couldn’t find organic pasta made with ingredients grown on American soil, she decided to make her own.  These pastas are the next best thing to fresh.

I hope you’ll continue to support me and these amazing women, on our journeys.

Happy Friday,


#shopsmall everyday

Last Saturday was Small Business Saturday and if you’re like me you received many reminders to #shopsmall.  American Express started Small Business Saturday 10 years ago. It falls the Saturday after Thanksgiving when many people are in full-blown holiday shopping mode.  While it is nice to have reminder to shop from smaller artisans/stores/retailers this time of the year, I think it is important to shop small year-round.  Don’t get me wrong I still order from Amazon, especially when I need a gift for the birthday party my son is attending in a few days or I’m pretty much out of diapers, but I do try to think ahead and order from small businesses and shop at local boutiques.

One of the reasons I shop from smaller artisans is because their product tends to be more unique.  Everyone starts small and when they do they are really passionate about what they are making.  This results in a product that is made with love and attention to every detail.  There is also a lot of pride when you produce something that has your name on it.  I always feel I am getting a quality product when I shop small because an artisan will only sell something that makes them smile.

I saw a statistic last week that small women-owned businesses employ 9.4 million workers and that is just women-owned businesses.  Keeping small business alive is what keeps these jobs. Think about that the next time you shop. I know large businesses employ more workers but the barista at Starbucks is very different from the barista at your local coffee shop.  The local shop probably has a lot more personality and that barista has a much higher chance of moving up the ranks and learning about running a business versus just making coffee. 

The next time you’re walking down the road or looking for a gift online, look a little further than the big shops.  By shopping small I guarantee you’ll get something you truly enjoy.

Happy Friday,